Why Buying Canadian-Made Furniture Matters.

Every great room is not just a product of its style, layout or colour, the quality of furniture and its durability can make or break a room. That’s why Canadian-made furniture matters, it’s beautiful and made to last. Globalization Changed the Canadian Furniture Industry Up to about twenty-five years ago, fabric covered sofas and chairs […]

The Sweetest Home Renovation

If Willy Wonka was looking to convert his chocolate factory into an apartment, Folk Architects would be up to the job! The architects have transformed a former confectionary factory in Collingwood with alterations and a second-level addition. A 14-metre long pink bridge creates connection and light in the previously industrial space, and offers a sweet link between […]

Bachelorette Pad Decor: 10 Best Decorating Tips for Your Home

Living in a bachelorette pad has many positives: a full wardrobe for clothes, a full bathroom for pampering time and a full living room for entertaining friends. Half the fun of being a bachelorette is not having to please anyone’s aesthetic but your own. Bring on the feminine art and pink throw pillows! If you’re […]